Abeko Rainwear
Abeko Rainwear – Since 1948

Abeko make rainwear for kids (and adults). With over sixty years of experience with rainwear, Abeko know what they are doing! There is a saying in Sweden, Abeko’s home country:

“There is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing”

and with such a deep experience with producing high quality clothing for bad weather, Abeko are an authority on the subject.
Details such as fleece lined collars and removable hoods (an important safety feature) mean that with Abeko rainwear, you are buying great quality, well designed kids rainwear.

The fact that Abeko rainwear for adults is worn by Swedish adults working in forestry, oil rigs and fishing fleets gives you reassurance that this is not just “plastic rainwear” but high-quality products without PVC. Abeko rainwear is 100% windproof and waterproof. The soft PU (polyurethane without PVC) used in the manufacture is characterised by comfort, and is very light, smooth, and all seams are taped.

Mini A Ture

Mini A Ture Kids Clothing

Mini A Ture children’s clothes was founded by sisters Freda & Kathrine Hviid in Denmark, in 2001. From the beginning, their classic stylish design were a hit among children and their parents.

The style of Mini A Ture Copenhagen is a fun mix of nostalgia and hip fashions. Mini A Ture’s clothes are for happy and active children, challenging life and enjoying every second. Mini A Ture clothes are a wonderful combination of nostalgic looks and new trends, and they’re only made of real and natural materials. Across the whole collection, Mini A Ture uses organic cotton wherever possible.

Quality and functionality are the basic foundation in the design of clothes and a high social consciousness is expressed in Mini A Ture’s support for The Sunway Children’s Home in Bodh Gaya in India.

Phister & Philina

Phister and Philina
Phister and Philina – For Boys & Girls

Phister and Philina by Pure Kids, the company which is also behind Racoon offers modern and playful clothing for boys and girls. Pure Kids promises the highest quality, durable and contemporary children’s clothing.

Pure Kids Wholesale A / S was founded in 2004 by Pernille Bentzen and they have their headquarters are outside Hillerød, Denmark. Since its inception the company has made good progress and is sold in many countries including The UK.

Phister & Philina® children’s clothes are fun and colorful, with modern design. The collections breathe colour and pattern. The clothing makes you happy.

The sizes of many of the children’s clothes from Phister & Philina are marked by age, ie, 1 years old, 2 years old and so on. This differs from children’s clothing here in some other countries, where sizes are measured in centimetres, ie the height of the child. Since each child is unique and grows at different rates, it is sometimes difficult to know what size to buy for – especially when it comes to baby clothes.


Oilily Kids


Oilily is a Dutch fashion house which was founded in 1963. It was a powerful statement on the unimaginative pink and blue children´s clothing of the time.

Oilily´s children´s clothes stood out for their virtuoso colour combinations, a mix of influences from all over the globe, amusing details and very high quality.

Known for their bags including purses, trolley bags and kids handbags, each piece is lovingly crafted and many feature expressive embroidery. This unusual pattern can be touching the hearts and turning daydreams into reality. Each splash of colour has been painted with love and care and aims to sweeten the day of each owner. The grace and beauty of each individual case gives it a unique character.

Though far from cheap, Oilily bags, purses and pencil cases make great gifts.

name it

name it kids clothing

name it  / nameit is one of the more affordable Danish kids clothing brands.

At name it you will find clothes for children of all ages. The designers at name it work under the ethos that children require fun, trendy, wear-resistant materials and very importantly, a good and comfortable fit.

  • For the Newborns (sizes from 0 – ½ years) you’ll find that name it offer a sweet style in soft materials.
  • For the Minis (sizes from ½ -3 years) you will find collections with comfortable and fun clothing with pants that has room for a nappy and blouses and t-shirts with buttons on the shoulders, which makes the clothes easy to get on and off .
  • For the kids (sizes from 4-12 years) name it offers a great range of clothing in styles that both boys and girls will love. Both for the smaller and older children who know what they want, you get just the right cool style – eg. slim fit or baggy jeans.

name it always aims to offer the right styles at the right time and at the right price.

name it is one of the brands owned by Bestseller, the huge Danish fashion group which also owns adult brands including Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, Vila, Pieces, Selected and the maternity brand Mama-Licious.


ECCO Kids Shoes

Ecco Biom Kids
Ecco Kids – BIOM Range of trainers

ECCO is a Danish footwear company that has been a shoemaker since 1963 and now has an international reputation as a world class shoes, sandals and boots brand.

Ecco Children's Shoes

The impressive footwear choice available at ECCO is not just restricted to adults. There is also a wide variety of shoes for kids, with boys’, girls’ and infants’ shoes and sandals to choose from. With the kids’ shoes collection you can select from both modern and retro style shoes and trainers. ECCO designs children’s shoes and sandals specifically for kids rather than simply making smaller versions of adult shoes. Your child will certainly love the cool and trendy styles of footwear on offer at ECCO, while you can rest assured that these shoes still retain the exclusive brand characteristics that make these shoes so soft and comfortable to wear. The kids’ shoes from ECCO are durable and made to last, so you don’t need to worry about them standing up to the challenges of the playground. These shoes will also ensure that your child’s feet stay nice and dry throughout the day, thanks to their moisture absorbent capabilities and the fact they are made from breathable materials.


Racoon Children's Clothes
Racoon Kids Clothing

Racoon is a new kids clothing brand from the Danish company Pure Kids and has replaced their Cup Cake range.

With an adorable logo, Racoon offers high quality, hard wearing clothing for active kids. Offering fantastic outdoor overalls that kids can wear for a whole winter season there are also essentials like wellington boots, fleece jackets and shell jackets. The summer collection includes bathing suits.


Racoon are especially proud of their outerwear ranges, characterised by:

  • Windproof and waterproof materials.
  • High breathability.
  • Durable fabrics.
  • Insulating layers of Thermolite.
  • Durable YKK zips.
  • Sewn-in reflectors.
  • Practical and comfortable to wear.
  • Distinctive stylish design.

Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau Kids Clothing

Elegant, classic clothes for babies and children from Petit Bateau.

Petit Bateau offers some of the cutest baby clothing out there. A high quality children’s clothing brand where elegance meets comfort. Made from infinitely soft fabrics and impeccable cuts, these clothes keep wearers happy all year round, whatever the season. With a heritage stretching back over 100 years, Petit Bateau has great experience in creating clothes perfect for everyday living.



Here’s a brand that needs no introduction for most parents! LEGO® wear clothing is available for boys and girls up to age 12.

A real favourite brand here at ChildrensClothes.org.uk, parents and kids alike all love this high quality, functional children’s clothing. Lego Wear children’s clothing is of very good quality in both materials used and build quality. Some of the featured characters on the clothing include Lego Star Wars, LEGO Friends, Pirates, Ninjago and the Bionicle collection.

Through generations LEGO® products have been known and loved by children and their parents all over the world.

The LEGO® values are: Creativity, imagination, learning, fun and quality. These are five words that describe the essence of the LEGO® brand – and these values are supported in the LEGO® wear collections.

LEGO Clothing

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