ECCO Kids Shoes

Ecco Biom Kids
Ecco Kids – BIOM Range of trainers

ECCO is a Danish footwear company that has been a shoemaker since 1963 and now has an international reputation as a world class shoes, sandals and boots brand.

Ecco Children's Shoes

The impressive footwear choice available at ECCO is not just restricted to adults. There is also a wide variety of shoes for kids, with boys’, girls’ and infants’ shoes and sandals to choose from. With the kids’ shoes collection you can select from both modern and retro style shoes and trainers. ECCO designs children’s shoes and sandals specifically for kids rather than simply making smaller versions of adult shoes. Your child will certainly love the cool and trendy styles of footwear on offer at ECCO, while you can rest assured that these shoes still retain the exclusive brand characteristics that make these shoes so soft and comfortable to wear. The kids’ shoes from ECCO are durable and made to last, so you don’t need to worry about them standing up to the challenges of the playground. These shoes will also ensure that your child’s feet stay nice and dry throughout the day, thanks to their moisture absorbent capabilities and the fact they are made from breathable materials.

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