Travel Tips: Packing for Family Summer Holidays Abroad

Whether you’re heading overseas or merely visiting the proverbial provincial countryside for the summer holidays, preparing and packing can prove to be the most arduous task other than the actual journey. To keep from feeling silly for forgetting something obvious, make things easier for yourself and your family by ensuring you have a checklist of things you will need to pack. If you happen to be flying, ask your airline about their policies on the weight of your luggage. The last thing you want is to get an unexpected charge for an extra bag that’s placed you over the limit.

It’s also important that you don’t bring anything prohibited aboard the aircraft since this can cause unnecessary hassle and delay while you go through security check. Even a bottle of mouthwash can land you in hot water if it’s more than the designated amount of liquid permitted onboard planes. Be sure to follow airport rules and regulations to avoid potential incidents.

When packing for family summer holidays abroad, be sure to check that everyone has everything they need. This is especially important for the children who can’t pack for themselves. Prioritize necessities like nappies, bottle and pacifiers for your little ones and any medication that they may need. Be sure to put these things in a bag that’s easily accessible. Also, don’t forget to pack a stroller or baby carrier unless you want to be carrying your baby the whole time while on holiday. You can find a great selection of carriers and baby travel systems online at

There are special concessions you must make when travelling with children.  Be sure to give them something to keep them amused. After all, they’ll be made to sit still for hours on end and you don’t want them to start whining. Handheld gaming devices and mp3 players usually provide adequate distraction for older children. For younger children like toddlers or infants, try to tire them out before you set off so they can sleep through as much of the journey as possible. In this way, you can enjoy a more peaceful journey to your holiday destination.

All in all, the point of going abroad on summer holiday with your family is to get away from it all and enjoy each other’s company. With regard to the youngest travellers, taking their comfort into account is a necessity because one tantrum can easily spoil the mood for everyone. Be sure to accommodate their needs and everything else will come naturally. Follow these smart travel tips and be confident in knowing that every member of your family will have a great summer holiday.

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